CODE REVIEW – Daytona Finance [Pulse Police]

Logo: Name: Daytona FinanceTicker Symbol: TONINetwork: PulsechainContract Address: 0x9F8182aD65c53Fd78bd07648a1b3DDcB675c6772Purpose: Single sided / LP farming on PulseChain.Project URL: https://www.daytona.finance/Project social media: Twitter, TelegramContract Source Code: LinkAudit(s): NIL REVIEWED BY: Pulse Police ℹ️ Owner admin key (owner is MasterChef)ℹ️ Owner can mint unlimited tokens (used for rewards)ℹ️ devaddr receives 10% of all minted Toni Daytona Finance MasterChef […]

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CODE REVIEW – Beetroot [Pulse Police]

Logo: Name: BeetRoot Ticker Symbol: BEET Network: Pulsechain Contract Address: 0xeDA0073B4Aa1b1B6f9c718c3036551ab46E5Ec32 Purpose: BEETroot has created and put together the best cryptocurrency tools and dapps that enable anonymity and maintain self-custody whilst swapping across chains, bridging and ramping to and from fiat. Project URL: https://beetroot.world Project social media: Twitter, Telegram Contract Source Code: Link Audit(s): Security

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