PulseChain Site Checker by Poseidon_PLS

Made by Poseidon.pls, this extension serves as a powerful tool for users to authenticate their presence on authentic Pulsechain websites, guaranteeing… This extension serves as a powerful tool for users to authenticate their presence on authentic Pulsechain websites, guaranteeing they’re navigating the correct platforms. It offers quick access to CIDv1 hash and version details upon a simple click, ensuring users stay informed about the latest site versions. The icon undergoes a transformation from grey to colour, offering a quick visual cue to confirm users’ presence on legitimate sites at a glance. Only checks Pulsechain or personal Pinata Cloud or ipfs:// links to tighten security and reduce false positive. *While the extension provides valuable information, users should continue to exercise caution and perform necessary safety checks. It serves as an informative tool; however, due diligence remains essential for a secure browsing experience. This tool does no endorsement of any kind. v1.0.8 – Bug Fix. View video demonstration here.

B9 Crypto Seed Backup Jig for Steel Washers by bpkDasBaum

Not your keys, not your coins!

This listing is for one B9 jig set consisting of the base shape, dial & a knob.
Each Order includes one extra full HEX jig set and one extra knob. Just in case or to share with a friend ; )

Find more designs for other coins, plain or customized in my shop or tell me your design idea.

Create your own indestructible, fireproof 1400°C (a house fire is around 1100°C), waterproof, corrosion proof, shock proof, earthquake proof, offline cold wallet, seed or passphrase backup.
Compatible with any hardware/software crypto or wallets that use a mnemonic seed (BIP39 Standard) like Bitcoin, Ethereum, HEX, Monero, Ledger, Trezor, Metamask, Passphrase etc.

This reusable jig is the cheapest and fastest way to stamp steel washers reliably, clean and readable every time.

The design was inspired by Blockmit, but updated and remodeled from scratch to guarantee equal proportions and clean 3D mesh.
Remodeled base shapes for improved grip from any direction. Modular bigger knob for improved grip and to prevent shipping damage.

The jig is 3D printed on an Ender 5 S1 with superior quality eSun PLA+ filament.
PLA+ provides a noticeable performance upgrade in the stiffness over normal PLA.
PLA+ parts show better resistance to pressure as they flex better and withstand pressure for a longer time.
PLA+ is made from purified corn grain, which makes it non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable under the proper conditions.
Note: The 3D printing process creates visible layer lines of 0.3mm height (see detail photos) but the surface feels smooth to touch.

How to use
Add tape on the bottom (to hold washer in place)
Place a washer in the jig
Close dial & insert stamp
Hammer the stamp 1-2 times
Repeat with as many positions as required

Detailed Guides here:

16 positions are ideal to fit counter of seed word (01-24), seed word 4-8(BIP39 has a max length of 8 characters) and seed word sequence number 0001-2048 (BIP39 Standard).
One washer can be stamped double sided to make the backup smaller and lighter.
24 words can be 24 washers OR 12 washers
12 words can be 12 washers OR 6 washers

I suggest to add 2 cover washers on top and bottom.
Make sure to use stainless high quality steel washers (not included)
I suggest to use a simple cipher or passphrase that is stored separately for increased security.

Tip: Bip39 recovery phrase or seed phrase can be recorded using only the first 4 characters of each word and its associated sequence number (see the BIP39 Standard for details).

Variants and Specifications
All variant dials come with 2 square holes and are suitable for metal stamps with 3-5mm (1/8″ 1/6″ 3/16″ inch) wide LETTERS and a square SHAFT WIDTH of 6mm (0.24 inch) AND 7mm (0.29 inch).
Conforms to ISO 7093 / DIN 9021 size specification
Dial with 16 positions.

M7 22mm OD (d2) & 7.4 mm ID (d1)
M8 24mm OD (d2) & 8.4 mm ID (d1)
M10 30mm OD (d2) & 10.5 mm ID (d1)

Customize your jig with text. Ideal for gifts or branding.
Please message me if you want a customized variant.

If you need another size or model alteration please contact me.

Processing Time 1-5 business days
Jigs are 3D printed and made to order

Shipping Info
Jigs are protected with bubble wrap or protective foam and packaged in an envelope.
Each Order includes one extra full HEX jig set and one extra knob. Just in case or to share with a friend 😉
Knob comes detached and could be swallowed, keep away from Children!

Shipping by CTT from Portugal.

Estimated delivery times:
Portugal: 2 to 5 days
European Union: 1 to 2 weeks
USA and Canada: 2 to 4 weeks
Rest of the world: 2 to 8 weeks

Trezor Wallets by SatoshiLabs

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