III. How It Works

In preparation, founders of the proposed airdrop token may agree to have their project’s code reviewed by B9 Appointed Developers.

A. No less than two developers will review the code and determine whether or not it contains any obviously malicious, or in their opinion, questionable code.

B. Where an interaction is required to be made with a specific front-end, developers will also attempt to evaluate (to the best of their ability) that the interaction does not pose a threat to users’ wallets.

C. The developers will then prepare a brief summary of their findings and publish it to the B9 website, along with other means of confirming the authenticity of the report. If the code review produces no serious “red flags,” then the airdrop is approved. Once approved, B9 Tokens will be claimable by the same recipient set of wallet addresses. B9 is essentially a companion, claimable reward for users visiting the specific review of their airdrop.

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