7. B9 Website Editor: Final review of the submission is the responsibility of the Editor. Should the Editor approve of the submission, they may upload the content to the site. If in the opinion of the Editor, changes or confirmation is required of the submission, the Editor may request these from the Author, either directly, or through Reviewers. Upon uploading the fully vetted and approved submission to the B9 Website, the Editor shall receive the same amount of B9 Tokens, provided to the author and not to exceed 6,900 tokens.

Note: Disbursement of tokens is dependent upon all parties lending their name, pseudonym/ screen name to be cited, with regard to their contributing roles, with the published submission. By accepting B9 Tokens, Contributors of content allow B9.xyz to publish their creative works and allow the unlimited, perpetual license to maintain their works on the B9.xyz website. B9.xyz, in turn, will maintain copyright to the material so long as it is published on the B9.xyz website. Contributors also retain the copyright to their material and may, in good faith, and for the good of users, publish their own works elsewhere, as they see fit.

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