B9 tokens will be airdropped initially to both the PLS and PLSX Pulsechain Sacrifice Set.
If you sacrificed for PLS and/or PLSX, you will receive free B9 tokens.
Each sacrificing wallet address will receive the same number of B9 tokens, regardless of the amount sacrificed.

If you do not wish to receive any B9 tokens via airdrop, please verify your wallet address by signing a message with Metamask.
This is similar to the Bitcoin free-claim during the HEX launch phase.
Please note that once you opt-out, this action is immutable and cannot be reversed.

1. Paste your Ethereum address into the text field.
2. Click the “Connect to Metamask” button to connect your wallet through Metamask.
3. Website will generate a nonce message for you to sign (e.g. “B9_token_opt_out_by_0x….”).
4. Click the “Opt Out” button to sign the message.
5. Your Metamask window will pop up for you to sign the message.
6. Confirm that the message to be signed is the same as the one displayed on the website and sign.
7. We will receive your signature and compare it with the Ethereum address you provided in Step 1.
8. If the address derived from your signature matches, you can confirm that you own the private keys to the wallet.
9. This address will be added to a secure database to opt out of any future B9 token airdrops.

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