No one within the B9 Team, nor anyone associated with it, warrants or guarantees that the B9 Token shall ever have any value. Should the B9 Token ever happen to gain any value on the open market, these same entities make no guarantees, promises, or predictions that it shall ever increase or decrease in value. Holders of B9, that possess the tokens, do so in order to support an ideal of the propagation of Security Best Practices in the handling and holding of their Crypto Assets.

Inclusive of the creation of original works by Independent Content Contributors and the initial review performed by B9 Appointed Developers, no work is ever done by anyone related to the B9 Project that may be construed, in any way, to be supportive of, nor a promise or indication of subsequent profit. The initial review -which is done prior to the activation of the claim of the token itself- is done strictly to promote a safer crypto ownership experience, and holders of the B9 Token should have no expectations of profit from the work of others.

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