II. The Concept of the "Companion Token"

B9 is a fixed-supply token that is the first in a new category of crypto assets: B9 is a Companion Token. It serves primarily in its utility as a receipt of review, and secondarily, as a collectible or speculative asset.

B9 serves initially as a virtual “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” It is made available, for free-claim, to the recipient set of a given airdropped token or subsequently requested code review and can be easily traced to a write-up by no fewer than 2 developers, published on the B9.xyz website. In this analysis, developers attest (to the best of their ability and judgment) whether or not the airdropped token presents an obviously malicious threat.

B9 is disbursed to the recipient set of an airdrop on the PulseChain Network in the following cases:

A. Founders of a project may elect to have B9 Appointed Developers review their proposed airdrop. This may provide added assurance to their users as to the legitimate and “benign” nature of their token.

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