D. Users may then visit the B9.xyz website and confirm the contract address of the B9 Token: 0xE676a1E969Feaef164198496bd787e0269f7b237 as they interact with the claiming contract. Users may review the following data related to the airdropped tokens that they have received:

1. The Contract Address of the airdropped token will be the same on both the
PulseChain Block Explorer and the materials provided on the B9.xyz website.

2. The project’s website, Telegram Group and any other Social Media channels it may have.

3. The review containing a “no serious red flags” determination from the B9 reviewing developers.

These data points aid significantly in -but should not be considered the only means of- determining the nature of an airdropped token, and whether or not it is “safe.” The primary aim of B9 is that it endeavors to provide additional support in discerning whether or not specific airdropped tokens pose any threat of malicious action upon the users who interact with them. This is tentatively expanding to include free-claimed tokens.

Note: B9 does NOT serve as testament to the integrity of any project’s underlying tokenomics, mechanics, features, design intentions, promises, or its founders’ predisposition to acts of chicanery.

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