📗 Date: 25 Oct, 2023
Source: Security Week

Apple patches dozens of serious security flaws in its macOS and iOS platforms, warning that hackers could launch code execution exploits.

Apple patches exploited iOS zero-day

Device maker Apple on Wednesday rolled out major security updates for its flagship macOS and iOS platforms, warning that multiple security defects expose users to remote hacker attacks.

The company released multiple bulletins to document at least 21 iOS security vulnerabilities and 44 macOS flaws that could lead to code execution, privilege escalation and exposure of sensitive data.

None of these vulnerabilities are marked as exploited in the wild.

Separately, Apple shipped a patch for an older version of the mobile OS to cover an already-exploited vulnerability reported by Russian anti-malware vendor Kaspersky.

The new iOS 17.1 covers security problems in a wide range of components, including Contacts, CoreAnimation, kernel, ImageIO and IOTextEncryptionFamily. The iOS patch also fixes major security issues in WebKit, the web browser rendering engine used in Apple’s products.   

The macOS update provides cover for code execution flaws in AppSupport, kernel, Model I/O, Vim and Webkit.

The Cupertino company also released security fixes for flaws in WatchOS, tvOS and Safari.

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